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printYou are my Love

You are my Love

Автор: Alexa Green
I so wish to live with you,
To wake up in the morning at dawn;
All the troubles and joys of sharing,
And to be happier than everyone in this world.

On weekends, go with you to the movies,
Go shopping and walk under the snow.
That was our house, our blanket, our window ...
To be near the most necessary person.

I'll be see you off in the morning,
Cook breakfast and meet for dinner,
And the scarf to correct, when the wind ...
All because I really need you.

I wish a big, cozy house for us with you,
So that all the friends gathered on Saturday,
Or maybe just be together,
Do not think about things and about work.

I wish to gently look into the eyes each other
And say: "Thank you for having me, my love"
I wish that a small copy of you,
Embraced us by the neck and called "Mom and Dad"!!!
Добавлено: 17:39 02.09.2018
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